Why US is so bad in soccer

Maybe the problem in the US is similar to the problem in the UK – and the reason our international teams never make an impact in tournaments. Namely that we are so obsessed with the domestic league, with making it the richest in the world, attracting the best players possible and so on, that we neglect the development of home grown players. The majority of players in the leagues of successful countries are local players (ignoring the “giants”) but the opposite is true in the UK and I suspect in the US too, with its obsession with advertising dollars and glamour.

You have simply to decide what comes first: your national team and the development of the sport nationally; or the lure of money and prestige from turning your league into an international showcase. Read more

An example College soccer uniform policy

Starting from college soccer, teams will have uniform policies and codes of conduct that govern how the team look and behave. College teams will want to establish that the team is a professional outfit and will enforce the policy to the letter. Here is what a typical policy would like:


According to Soccer Garage, teams will stick to a specific brand for uniforms and gear. Often, the sponsor provides everything as part of a sponsorship package to the team. Some teams will use Nike, others Adidas, often exclusively. Players are given everything and might only need to get practice gear. Read more

Eric Wynalda USMNT Legend

One of my favorite players growing up was Eric Wynalda. I actually got to play a few minutes with him, while I was still in high school, before he exploded onto the scene in a big way. I remember the day he came back from playing against the Soviet Union in Paolo Alto to our club team game and did wind sprints after the game. I was just a high school kid at the time but it’s funny to me that even soccer journalists today don’t remember and/or don’t realize truly how good he was. Read more