How can U.S. Soccer Be More Inclusive of Latino Talent?

I just read this article…

What More Must U.S. Soccer Do to Be More Inclusive of Young Latino Talent?

It’s not just Latino talent that’s being missed. This is a big mistake to make it a race or ethnicity issue. Elite USA-American soccer is exclusive of pretty much everyone who isn’t friends or family, or in their “inner circle”, so to say.

The USA Latino talent pool just has a lot of kids with Mexican citizenship so they have options that Anglo/Chinese/Afro/whatever kids don’t have. It’s easier for Gonzalez to hop over to Mexico where he has citizenship, family, friends, and speaks the language than it is for an American kid with only US citizenship to fly 13+ hours to Germany where he doesn’t speak the language and has no family, no friends, and has to adjust to a new culture.

And then the American kid with US citizenship still can’t play for the German national team even if he’s good enough to do it.

So the reality is not that US Soccer is missing “Latino talent,” it’s that they are missing talent of all races and ethnicities, and that the Latinos, specifically the American-Mexicans, are the ones leading the way to making it obvious that elite USA-American soccer is missing a lot of talented players of all races and ethnicities, even white kids.

MLS Soccer in 2018

2018 will go down as the year the MLS spent millions on mediocre and unknown foreign players who are in the downside of their careers. Did the agents trick the teams with slight of hand by mentioning words like La Liga?

Once again MLS is giving millions to a foreign player who is no better than the American players in the league and who are coming from college and youth academies. For example USA has a lot of players who played in the Dutch first division which is a 2nd or 3rd tier European league. Read more

Preparing for college soccer

For anyone about to leave high-school, the search for a college is an exciting experience. Finding the right college becomes even more exciting when you are a soccer player. The popularity of soccer is growing in the US and with it comes more and more opportunities for young soccer players as they move into college.

Playing soccer in college is a full-time commitment much like any other college-level sport. There will be limitations to the courses you can select if they clash with practice. It will be harder than the normal college experience. However, there are several advantages according to Soccer Garage:

Admission – Given the choice between two applicants with roughly the same grades, most colleges would choose an athlete over the other. The boost playing a sport gives your admission chances is especially important for the more competitive colleges.

Scholarships – The cost of education is going up, especially at the better schools. As a competitive athlete, you will have a better chance of securing a partial or full scholarship at almost any college that has a competitive sports programme.

Perks – There are also several perks for athletes in colleges. Some students will get first pick for dorm rooms, others will get early registration for popular classes, sponsored soccer footwear, and gear, and there is also the possibility of getting free tutoring through the college.