An example College soccer uniform policy

Starting from college soccer, teams will have uniform policies and codes of conduct that govern how the team look and behave. College teams will want to establish that the team is a professional outfit and will enforce the policy to the letter. Here is what a typical policy would like:


According to Soccer Garage, teams will stick to a specific brand for uniforms and gear. Often, the sponsor provides everything as part of a sponsorship package to the team. Some teams will use Nike, others Adidas, often exclusively. Players are given everything and might only need to get practice gear.


The team will have specific numbering for goalkeepers, like 00, and a range of numbers for field players. Each player gets a number, that is part of the general pool. Sometimes, for different reasons, teams might retire specific numbers.

Game uniforms

The game uniforms will use the team’s colors for all in-season games and tournaments. There is an alternate uniform that is only in use when the primary uniform design or color scheme clashes with a home team. The alternate uniform is usually an inverse of the primary.

Goalkeeper uniform

The goalkeeper arrives at the game in the standard practice gear and only changes to the uniform a little before kick-off. If a goalie does play a field player, he will need to change to the field team uniform before he can take a position.


The governing body determines the uniforms and soccer referee equipment in use for each match. The teams have no say in that decision.

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