Soccer is probably the easiest way to get a college scholarship in sports

Soccer is probably the easiest way to get a college scholarship in sports. It is to do with US Universities. Upper class and upper middle class parents view soccer as an easier way to get a sports scholarship and a free university education. To go to an American University it cost in fees alone 60 to 70k on average. So these affluent parents put their kids in soccer youth teams in the hope they get a soccer scholarship, so they only have to pay the travel team fees and not the full 70k University fees if successful. The travel team youth coaches are aware of this so charge fees to parents as much as 5k a year because they know they are willing to pay them because it is still much cheaper than the fees for University in the USA.

Youth soccer is more expensive than basketball and American football because the affluent parents feel soccer is a more viable sport to get a sports scholarship for. Basketball only have 5 players on the team and like American football it tends to attract the best athletes because both sports are popular with working class people in America, especially African Americans. So these Affluent parents feel their kids have more chance in soccer where squads can be a big as 25 players and the better athletes have been priced out of youth development soccer.

Clint Dempsey is the rare working class American player and his parents who were poor saw soccer as the only way he could get a University education because they didn’t have the money. So only when his sister died, who was a promising tennis player could the family put all the money they had into him and fund his youth development in soccer and he got the sports scholarship and the rest is history. It shouldn’t be like this in America.

I remember seeing this documentary about the former US international Eddie Johnson. He was an working class African American of a single parent family. One of the best travel teams in America spotted him. The coach of the team asked him and his mother could he join his team. As single parent his mother didn’t have the money to pay the high fees for the team. So the coach decided to waive the fees for Eddie Johnson because he was by far the best player on the team. The other parents where furious that Eddie Johnson was on the team without paying the high fees and ostracised his mother when she would watch him play. That sums up everything wrong with American soccer. where working class player that is more talented than everyone else has to rely on a coach waive the fees he needs to pay.

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